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We want to help as many young girls, boys, women and men as possible to heal, grow, and be ultimately happy.

Our Services

Lotus Experience aims to educate, build self confidence and awareness to all individuals so that they are able to become empowered and driven from within to tackle all challenges endured with the confidence and understanding that they have the tools needed to overcome any obstacle that they encounter, no matter the size.



Children, adults, groups, and families, including play therapy



One-on-one life coaching


Empowerment Groups

Young girls, young boys, and women



Reading and Math tutoring for Elementary and Middle School students

Payment plans are available

Meet Nakira

Coach Nakira Darden, BA, MS, MSpecEd, BSC/MT

I have been working with children and families for over 20 years. During this time, I have taken roles in fields such as Education, Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Drug and Alcohol. While in these roles I have had the opportunity to advocate, counsel, advise, and mentor children, adults, and their families. While working with these families my main goal is/has been to help them reach their highest potential.

While working with the many families I have really enjoyed the shifts and changes that came/come with all the experiences. These experiences created the determination and perseverance needed in order to succeed. Which not only allowed for my families to grow but myself as well. Working in the trenches assured that the families I serve stay focused and motivated in the pursuit to reach their goals and true happiness!

I started Lotus Experience because I wanted to work with individuals on a more intimate level to support them in reaching their highest potential. The space is warm, inviting, comfortable, and welcoming. The staff are professional, patient, and open.


Coach Nakira Darden

Therapist, Counselor

Our Programs

The Power Hour: Young Boys Group

Every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Ages 10-17. Cost: $5. Food provided.

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Princess Tea Party

June 24 from 1pm-5pm: For all little girls under 13. From 12-3 and cost is $15. Get all dressed up and pretty!!! Best Tea cup wins. Call to reserve your spot. Topic Etiquette

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LESip Chew & Chat

June 23 from 4pm-7pm.  Topic: Women Supporting Women. Cost: $15. Dress to impress, wear your hats!

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Young Girls Etiquette Camp

This summer! More details to be announced shortly.

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